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Michael Conray Wharff was born into the world of wood, and from that beginning developed a love for the earth and its elements ~ stone, wood and water.  The Wharff’s Yankee heritage was of wood workers and cabinetmakers.  Their early craft resulted in renown family heirlooms and continues to flourish today through Michael’s award winning sculptures.

Michael’s work originated from his passion for exotic hardwoods and Yankee ingenuity ~  “The Yankee in me didn’t want to throw away scraps, so I started to glue them together”.  Making something out of nothing was the first challenge ~ the visible from the invisible.  Eight years later, Michael’s work has earned him regional recognition.

Michael’s use of more than 100 natural and exotic hardwoods reflects his passion for the timeless.  From reclaimed Southern Yellow Pine milled more than 200 years ago, to his favorite native New England common woods, Michael utilizes color, texture, and density to capture light, enhance darkness, and entice the viewer to “experience”.

Michael was greatly influenced by the impressionists and surrealists, particularly Van Gogh and Dali.  The spirituality Michael found in their work became the essence of his goal to channel the lifelong energy of wood into creations that will inspire and benefit others for a lifetime.   “It is always thought before matter” he explains, “through continuous learning and experience of the universe”.

His training and experience as a Reiki Master became the medium through which energy and synchronization flows into his work.  Each piece of wood contains harmonious Reiki energy that imparts itself into each creation transforming busy-ness into serenity; chaos into order; uncertainty into certainty.  “We only know what’s in the circle of our own perception, but no one world view can contain it all,” says Michael.  Therefore, his work is constructed so the viewer may gain their own understanding through the timeless energy of Reiki and Wood.  “The whole truth to the real world is uncertainty” and Michael presents the opportunity to experience uncertainty through triangles and angular shapes floating in space, moving freely.  This experience, he hopes, will create a new sense of well-being; a new sense of happiness for the moment in which we are living and exploring.  “The joy in looking & comprehending”, wrote Albert Einstein, “is nature’s most beautiful gift.”   Michael’s work gives us that opportunity.

Michael works from his home studio in Lunenburg, MA.  For the last ten years he has generated local and regional interest in his work.  Through his new web site www.mwharff.com and expansion of his work, Michael’s goal is to become nationally recognized through his Reiki inspired wood sculptures.

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